February Theme: Celebrate Love

Studio 5 introduces our new monthly theme, “Celebrate Love.”

Love on the big screen is a romantic and elaborate celebration, like jumping on top of a speeding car just to prove true affection. But does celebrating love always need to be such an extravagant display?

Julie Hanks, Studio 5 Contributor & Family Therapist: “I think the best way to show love is paying attention to the details. Small things matter.”

It can be as simple as sharing spaghetti over a candlelight dinner, or a romantic slow dance under the stars.

Dr. Liz Hale, Studio 5 Family & Relationship Contributor: “Wasn’t it the Beatles that said all you need is love? I don’t know if that’s all you need, but I think it’s a lot of what we need. I think it’s a lot of the reason why we are on this playing field called earth is to really learn how to love.”

This month we want to get past the chocolates and roses, to the core of what celebrating love means to you.

Matt Townsend, Studio 5 Relationship Coach: “Love is you getting up in the middle of the night to give your partner some aspirin. It’s waking up early to get your husband’s lunch ready. That’s love. Love is every day, it’s consistent, it’s not a holiday. Love takes no holidays.”

Take whatever or whoever it is you truly love, and celebrate it!

Dr. Liz Hale: “Why not learn to flirt. I think the definition of flirting is really just making somebody else feel good. So whether it is a small child or an older grandparent, why not do something every day that makes somebody’s path a little lighter, a little brighter, a little more loving.”

Celebrate more than just one day a year, or even one month a year. It’s about a lifetime of love.

Matt Townsend: “It’s truly embracing your partner for who they are. Knowing they’re not perfect, knowing that the meatloaf is still dry, knowing he’ll still put his clothes on the ground. And yet, you’ll have no one else. To me, that’s celebrating love.

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