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We all feel unmotivated sometimes. Here are 5 ways to boost your impulse to workout

When you feel unmotivated, try these strategies to get moving again.

We all have those days when we’re feeling uninspired to workout.

Studio 5 Fitness Contributor Emily Nelson shared her advice on how to stay motivated, even when you’re just not feeling it.


Normalizing Feeling Unmotivated

Feeling unmotivated can often bring guilt and shame, but Emily emphasized that it’s normal.

“Everybody goes through days of feeling unmotivated and not wanting to move their body. It’s just part of being human. Just sit with that for a minute and realize that’s okay,” she said.

The first step is to accept this and then flip the script. Think about how good you feel when you do move and the benefits you get from it.

Looking at the Why

“If it’s a continuous problem to the point that you’re not getting up off the couch or not lacing up your shoes, you should really look at the why,” Emily advised.

There could be many factors at play, such as lack of sleep, underfueling, or a stressful work or home life. Addressing these issues can help increase your motivation to move.

“Let’s get some sleep, let’s drink some water, and then I’m treating my body well, so now I’m more motivated to move it,” Emily said.

Starting with Exercise Rituals

Emily suggested starting with exercise rituals. We’re all creatures of habit, and making movement a part of your daily rituals can help you stay motivated.

“I think when we make movement, our body exercise, part of those rituals, we just do it. We don’t have to have the motivation,” she said.

Whether it’s getting dressed in your workout clothes first thing in the morning or going for a walk during your lunch break, making exercise a part of your everyday pattern can make a big difference.

Trying Different Times and Movements

If you’re feeling stuck, working out at different times of day can help mix things up. We all have different rhythms, and what works for one person might not work for another.

“Some of us are just not morning people and it’s not going to stick. We’re going to think it’s a lack of motivation or that we don’t have what it takes to get up. But, maybe that’s just not for you and it’s never gonna stick. Think about maybe a lunchtime workout or walk or something that is going to better serve you, ” Emily suggested.

Some people love to workout in the morning, some people hit the gym after work.

“You’ve got to find what works for you and not be stuck on this set thing that everyone else is doing. Try different times of day, and also try different movement. Try something new,” Emily said.

Trying different types of movement can also help reignite your motivation. Go to a new gym, try a new class, pick a new YouTube video. But ultimately, if you’re more comfortable with what you’ve always done, stick with it.

“Don’t be afraid to stick with what you love, just because everyone says, ‘You need to do this.’ If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Show up and do what you know,” Emily advised.

Retail Therapy and Workout Buddies

“Let’s be honest, a new cute outfit always motivates me to workout and lace up those new shoes,” Emily said.

A new workout outfit or a pair of shoes can sometimes be just the motivation you need to get moving.

“If you need a new top to get you motivated to workout again, I’m not mad about it.”

And don’t underestimate the power of a workout buddy. Making an appointment with someone to meet up for a walk, a hike, or a gym session can provide the accountability you need to stay motivated.

“If you’re lacking motivation, show up to a class where that’s literally their job. Just show up where someone else is going to do it for you,” Emily suggested.

Staying motivated to workout can be a challenge, but with the right mindset and strategies, it’s possible to overcome the hurdles and get back on track. Remember, it’s okay to have off days. What’s important is that you don’t let those days deter you from your fitness goals.

Find more advice from Emily on Instagram, @highfitnessemily.

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