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Feeling the winter blues? Embrace hygge in 3 ways to uplift your life

Embrace hygge, feel happier!

For many of us, winter is just a time to dream about warmer weeks ahead. But let’s stop escaping and start enjoying.

Speaker and best-selling author Connie Sokol says that what we need to uplift our life is a little hygge.

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3 Ways to Embrace Hygge

What is hygge?

It’s pronounced hue-gah and is a Danish way of living that brings coziness, comfort, and content. Simply put, it’s a celebration of simple pleasures. Think fireplace, cup of herbal tea, and a great conversation with a good friend. But weave that feeling into daily life.


1. Begin the day with a hygge intention

Connie says the way you wake up can actually change your life.

Scientific benefits include improved sleep quality, greater alertness, sharper focus, improved job performance, reduced irritability, better immune system function, and a brighter mood.

Connie challenges us to choose an intention phrase right when you wake up….”I am joyful…I am peaceful…I am present,” to help with setting a good tone early in the morning.


2. Add a splash of hygge right now

Start where you are and begin infusing a hygge choice.

What can you infuse right now, today? Maybe put oranges in water jug or add lamps to a room.


3. Create consistent hygge RITUALS that resonate

Not just a one-time hit but a consistent, anticipatory experience.

Studies show morning and evening routines are key to daily and long-term success. But it can start to feel like one more list of to dos. Create a hygge ritual instead.

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