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Festive Thanksgiving Favors

Give Thanksgiving the attention it deserves. Bring on the harvest decorations
and details this year for your big feast!

Studio 5 Party, Holiday and Ideas Contributor, Alisa Bangerter shares easy
and delicious favors that will be an adorable addition to your Thanksgiving

Festive Turkey Pops:

Melt red, yellow, orange and brown candy melts. On a piece of parchment
paper, take the back of a spoon and spread a fan shape of candy melts
approximately 3″ x 3″ to create tail feathers for a turkey. Let set and then add
several colors or blend candy melts together depending on what you want
the feathers to look like. Place a lollipop stick in the lower part of the fan
while the candy melts are still soft. Place a Nutter Butter cookie (turkey body)
on the stick and fan while candy melts are still soft (you may need to build up
candy melts a tiny bit so body lays flat on the stick). Place candy eyes on the
cookie, a cut piece of a candy corn for a beak and red icing or piece of red
candy to the side of the beak for a wattle. Let set completely before
removing from parchment. A fun way to display these at each place setting
is to insert stick into an apple or mini pumpkin and tie a bow at base of
turkey body using brown tuelle or ribbon. Hang a name tag from ribbon if

Cute Candy Acorns:

For each acorn, use icing or peanut butter to frost the bottom of a Mini Nilla
Wafer cookie. Stick on an unwrapped Hershey Chocolate Kiss candy. Use
icing to adhere a small piece of a pretzel stick to the top of the Nilla Wafer to
create a tiny stem. Place acorns at each place setting with sugar cookie
leaves or place several in a small box at each place setting.
Another candy acorn idea that I like to make is: Mix together 1 cup of creamy
peanut butter, ½ cup of margarine and 3 cups powdered sugar and mix well
into a soft dough. Roll a 1″ ball of dough into an acorn shape. Dip the top of
the dough shape into melted chocolate or almond bark and press into finely
chopped nuts or toffee bits to form the acorn cap. Break a stick pretzel in
half and insert in top to create acorn stem. Set on waxed paper until
chocolate has set. Display at each place setting with leaf cookie.

Teepee Cupcakes:

Bake cupcake batter in sugar ice cream cones. While still hot clip top of end
off. Dip bottoms in icing or melted chocolate and sprinkles. Use icing or
melted chocolate to insert small pretzel sticks in top of cone. Decorate
teepee using small candies if desired. For a photo tutorial go to:

Indian Corn Place Card:

Take one or two dry corn husks (available in the Mexican food isle of grocery
stores) and gather bottom ends and tie together with some thin twine. Place
some candies (such as Reese’s Pieces) in a small plastic baggie and place in
center of cornhusks above gathered area. Wrap sides of cornhusks around
the candies in the baggie and gather at the top of the baggie. Tie closed
leaving some long pieces of cornhusks at the top. It should look like a piece
of Indian Corn. Tie on a name tag to create a place card.

Sugar Cone Cornucopia:

Place sugar ice cream cones in a steamer basket over hot water. Let each
cone steam for a few minutes which will soften it. Carefully bend end up to
form a cornucopia shape. Cone will harden quickly. Fill with a mixture of
fruit shaped candies, nuts, pretzels, etc. If desired, place a ribbon around
the opening of the cornucopia and attach a tiny name tag to serve as a place

Pumpkin Pie Cookie:

I love this cookie idea found on the Family Fun website and it would make a
darling favor at each place setting for Thanksgiving. I
thought it was a
perfect solution for kids that don’t like pumpkin pie. Instead of whipping
cream, I would use some vanilla frosting piped on using a large star tip.

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