Fight Fatigue: Energy-Boosting Meal Plan

Get a boost of energy with simple tweaks to what you eat. We continue our fight fatigue series with a look at mom’s meal plan.

Dr. Hans Jenkins, a family practice physician at MountainStar Primary Care in Ogden, has the dos and don’ts for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Bad: Sugary cereals or sugary muffins/bagels
Good: Eggs, Unsweetened Greek yogurt with berries, Low carb protein bar, Low carb protein shake with spinach or kale and berries, low fat Cottage cheese with peaches. Hydration, Hydration, hydration!

Bad: Pastas w/o healthy sauces (white sauces) or Chic-fil-a
Good: grilled chicken salad with low carb dressing. Low fat cheese wrapped in unprocessed lunch meats and lettuce, Tuna on fresh baby spinach.

Bad: Potato Chips or Chocolate
Good: Dark chocolate chips (frozen), coconut flakes, almonds, peanuts, frozen or dried berries (unsweetened), sun flower seeds, air popped corn with natural butter, beef or chicken Jerky without MSG

Bad: Pizza or Casserole
Good: chicken with broccoli and squash, meat marinara sauce over spaghetti squash, Quinoa Casserole, acorn squash with lamb and kale.

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