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Fill a thankful tree with grateful leaves! 2 creative ways to focus on gratitude this month

A thankful tree is a cute way to focus on gratitude.

By Lauren Tippetts

We know November is a time to focus on gratitude. Turn that practice into something tangible with this creative idea! Dr. Jennifer Cummings recently challenged us to be grateful every day, and with that challenge she shared a few ideas.

“Write down three things you’re grateful for every day,” Dr. Cummings said. “Writing down in a gratitude journal is one idea, but you could also write them down and put them in a jar!”


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Imagine your family filling this bowl to the brim with things you are grateful for!

“I did this at the peak of the pandemic with my daughter,” Dr. Cummings mentioned. “It really was a life saver for us! Every day we’d write three things, and then at the end of that we sat down and read them. It was really special to see what each other was thinking.”

Another way to visualize gratitude this month is with a thankful tree.


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Attach your daily grateful notes to the branches, and once they start filling up (and they quickly will), start clustering them in a pile at the bottom. These maple leaf notes will make it easy.


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Stash a stack next to your thankful tree and the family can stop by anytime it’s convenient.

Another essential part of this gratitude challenge are a few ground rules.

“The key is that the things have to be unique, and they should be from the past 24 hours,” Dr. Cummings challenged. “This makes your brain scan all day long for things going right in your day.”

Why stop at November? Keep the thankful tree growing all year long! Switch out the leaves for the seasons and always remember to be grateful.

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