Find a Solution: Organizing Your Keyring

As part of our “Find a Solution” challenge, Studio 5 Producer, Mindy Dunyon shares five ideas to keep an organized key-ring.

The Problem: Studio 5 Executive Producer, Michelle Torsak has about a dozen keys on her key-ring, and it’s hard to keep track of which one is which. Michelle wants an easy way to identify each key, so that she doesn’t waist anymore time fumbling around, trying every key, before she finds the correct one.

The Solution: Producer, Mindy Dunyon shares five ideas to help clean up any key-ring.

1. Get Organized – Simply group your keys together. Place all of the keys for your office together, then place all of the keys to your home together, and all of your miscellaneous keys together as well.

2. Mark Them Fingernail Polish – Use fingernail polish to paint a letter on each key. For example, mark an F on your front door key, a B on your backdoor key, an O on your office key and a D on your desk key.

3. Neon Colored ID Tags – Home Depot carries neon tags for $1 that slip over almost any shape key. The color helps you identify each key.

4. Three Ring Key Clip – You can buy this at Home Depot for $1 and it includes a carbineer, which can be clipped onto your purse or belt, so you’ll never lose your keys.

5. Kikkerland Super Key Ring – Amazon carries this key-chain with removable rings for less than $4.

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