Giving Your Floor a Facelift

Trent English, from Mr. Sandless Wood Refinishing explains the way to give your floors a facelift with less work than you imagined.

One of our largest residential clients is those moving to a new home or getting ready to sell their home. Sanding companies often cannot work within the time lines needed.

We have serviced many homes while the moving van was sitting outside and immediately after our service, the family could move right in! We have helped sell countless homes and increased their value with our service. A recent study showed that having wood floors looking their best can add up to $10K in value to a home!

We had a client who was preparing to sell his home; he had done almost everything else but refinish his wood floors.

The day Mr. Sandless came out, he put his house on the market. His realtor said the market was soft and it would take at least two months for an offer. In less than 24 hours, he had five offers and one was for more than $5,000 above asking price. All five pointed to one main selling point-the wood floors! He was convinced we were responsible for selling his home.

Another home sat on the market for a year without an offer. The wood floors were in terrible shape. We were brought in to renew them and the home sold in less than a week after our service.

With no mess, our green solution, no smell and quick affordable service, there is no reason for a seller not to have their floors refinished by Mr. Sandless!
Description of Mr. Sandless Wood Floor Refinishing service:

We use a process very similar to the light sanding but with a high speed machine and a special non-toxic solution. Our process is better able to prepare the wood for finishing than a light sanding including removing anything from the floor that shouldn’t be on there. Then we seal the floor with our own brand of finish. It looks like urethane, lasts likes urethane, and you clean it like urethane. But unlike urethane there is no odor, and it dries in one hour. This is why our floors look so good and last so long! So we can literally seal your floor with multiple coats in just hours. Best of all, we are always less than the cost sanding. No odor, no mess to clean up, a great looking floor and less cost—that’s the Mr. Sandless™ way!

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