Find a Solution: Storing Wreaths

As part of our “Find a Solution” challenge, Studio 5 Producer Stephanie Bryson shares three ideas for storing your holiday wreaths.

The Problem: Studio 5 Co-Host Brooke Walker loves to display a decorative wreath to reflect the season. She just moved to a new home, and thinks she has space in the garage to store the wreaths. Problem is, how to keep the dust off, put them within reach, and protect them from getting smashed?

The Solution: Producer Stephanie Bryson has some ideas.

Idea #1: Keep the dust off with a sturdy cover. A default approach is to cover a wreath with a trash bag. But better, look for see through plastic storage bags. We found an xx-large ziploc-style bag at Dollar Tree. Also look for specialty wreath storage bags. These are typically a seasonal item, and we picked up a wreath-shaped cloth bag from Joann’s Christmas clearance section.

Idea #2: Hang wreaths on a rod. Use an old curtain rod, a spring-loaded curtain rod, or large dowel suspended from the ceiling. Clip wreaths on a paint pail hook, and throw the hook over the rod. Wreaths hang in a neat row, and it’s easy to remove any individual wreath.

Idea #3: Use an old coat rack. Add hooks to the vertical post of a coat rack. Space them out so many wreaths can be hung!

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