Grocery Store to Glam: Secrets to Floral Design Success

Michelle Virtue from BYU Campus Craft & Floral shares three secrets to floral design success.

Most people love flowers, but they do not always have consistent opportunities to practice and experiment with the basic rules of floral design. If you are truly interested in furthering your floral design skills, make fresh flowers, foliage, and stems a part of your everyday. Until the flowers in your garden make their debut, cut flowers can be purchased and big-box stores, markets, and in consumer bunches from your local flower shop. These bunches are very affordable and available as a mix of stems or sold as a single type of flower.

3 Secrets to Floral Design Success for Beginners

1. Design in your hand OR in floral foam. This gives you control of your arrangement. It’s always easier when things stay where you put them. As you become more proficient and comfortable, arranging directly into a vase will feel more natural.

2. Seek out inspiration. Look in books, magazines, hotel lobbies, or on television. Sometimes the best way to learn how to place flowers with the correct depth, texture, and line is to simply copy another design. Use a two dimensional photo of a floral design to create your own three dimensional arrangement. Eventually, other will be looking to you for inspiration.

3. Experiment and try new types of flowers, containers, styles, and techniques. You will quickly learn what types of flowers you enjoy working with most. When you get comfortable with those varieties, it’s time to do some research on a new bunch of flowers you are less familiar with. There is NO shortage of flower types and varieties.

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