Fix it Solutions Around the House

Fix-it-Chick Amber Anderson has come up with some great and simple solutions to everyday problems.

1. Snagged berber carpet:

Before you lose your cool over unraveling berber carpet, simply use a crochet hook and some super glue to make it look good as new.

2. The miracle of tooth picks:

Tooth picks are the perfect shim when trying to repair a screw that is no longer tight and needs a little help.

3. Trashy to Classy door hinges:

A little rustolium can make a huge difference when you want a clean new look but money is tight.

4. “Quickie”:

If you have a screw spinning in your drywall and you can’t get it out, use a fork to pull it toward you as you use your screw driver to unscrew it from the wall! Works every time!

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