Find Balance: It’s All in How You Slice It!

Clinical Psychologist and Studio 5 Contributor Dr. Liz Hale believes it’s all in how you slice it.

Not only is it possible: it’s easy as pie! P.I.E. Pacing Intentional Energy. It’s all in how you slice it! It’s also important to have a well-rounded pie; not a lopsided pie. The key is the container; you only have so much energy and so much time.

The 24-Hour Pie:

If you add certain new ingredients to your pie mix, make room in your “container” by taking something else out. If you don’t, your pie will spill over in the oven, catch the oven on fire and burn your house down…figuratively, if not literally, speaking! (Do you ever feel like you’re falling apart….that’s caused by a lopsided pie!)

My favorite part of a pie is the crust…and the crust is the most fundamental part, as well. Think of the crust as the foundation of your goals in life. Your values will determine how you slice your pie and what each slice will contain.

Let’s cook up a few pies to get started. Let me give you the recipe and instructions:

Pie Chart Surprise

• Set Aside 30 Minutes

• Take (2) Pie Chart Templates

• Add 1 Box of Crayons or Colored Pencils

• Throw in 1 Pencil or Pen

Take goals, values, and determination and separate “what is” from how you want it to be. Spread into two pie charts. Apply colored crayons or pencils liberally. Let pies sit and cool for a few minutes and then compare pies. Adjust ingredients accordingly to taste.

The balance of your pie ~ how you slice is ~ is entirely up to you and what is most important in your life today.

Different people slice their pie in different ways according to what’s important to them. I’ve selected five individuals who represent their own well-balanced slice of life.

Let’s start with the letter S, of the acronym SLICE.

S= Satisfying.

Our own First Lady, Jeanette Herbert is a great example of creating a life that is
There are so many demands placed upon her and while she does everything she possible can to be accommodating, some things have to give! Her advice is to make sure that you are happy with your life, that it’s satisfying and fulfilling. (We all prefer a pie that is filled to the brim with delicious product not air!) She also advices us to be flexible. Just the other day her daughter, who is newly pregnant, was placed on bed rest and Mrs. Herbert needed adjust her schedule to be there to help her. (Attending to what is most important is most satisfying.)

The L of SLICE stands for Learning.

L= Learning

We stop learning we stop growing. With the person I want to introduce next, however, her learning helped her not to “grow” but to “shrink.” Utah’s own Dian Thomas was well-known as the country’s leading expert on outdoor cooking. Her first appearance was on the Johnny Carson Show. Dian applied a wise formula for her 130-pound weight loss that has taken place over the last 6 years: sure, slow, and steady.

Just this morning “The Desert News” shared all that Dian has learned about successful weight loss and well-being. Be sure and read all about her wisdom on how she’s learned how to create “fast food” at home.

Every pie manufacturing company needs a good inspector.

I = Inspecting

That’s right; it’s called “quality control.” You want to maintain the freshest ingredients as possible and be willing to adjust the recipes according to the occasion. Some things in life cause us to change direction, realign our thinking and take different action. Jada Pinkett Smith is a great example of a woman who adjusted her vision after inspecting all the ingredients necessary for being a successful step-mom to Will Smith’s son from a previous marriage. She promptly decided that her husband’s former wife would be an integral part of her new family and that she would be part of the mix of every family party and get-together so her “son” would never be torn between them. (This is not how every step-mother will slice her pie, but it works for this family.)

The C in SLICE is for Concentration.

C= Concentrating

Concentrate spending your time and energy on what’s important. One of the more well-balanced women I know is my favorite Aunt Trudy. She is not someone who mass-produces pies; she makes home-made pies, one at a time, with loving care and concentration. She values relationships with each of her children and grandchildren; especially her husband. My dear aunt’s genuine qualities make her pies taste better than anything that could be ‘bought’ from the store. (I actually love everything she cooks. And so does everyone else.) There is no substitute for time or energy when giving the real deal to our family and friends. We get out what we put into our “pies.” Concentrate on the thing or person that’s before you. (M.I.T. actually came out with a study proving that multitasking increases stress and decreases brain speed. Unitasking, concentrating on one thing at a time, is more efficient after all.)

HOST: And the last letter of SLICE is E. We need to enjoy our pie.

E = Enjoying

Enjoy every taste down to the last bite! KSL’s Nadine Wimmer is a great example of enjoying the moments, remaining flexible and changeable, in order to maintain her enjoyment in life, especially with her two darling sons. On Studio 5, she recently discussed how she has adjusted her at-home time to accommodate her evening work schedule, making the most of those “morning mothering moments.” She said her most ‘enjoyable’ times are when everyone’s piled up on the bed for a great story! What do you enjoy in life the most? Carve out a big slice for what brings you the greatest joy!

Dr. Liz Hale is a licensed clinical psychologist and a regular Studio 5 Contributor. Your comments and questions are welcomed! Please visit to add your thoughts to today’s discussion or learn more about her private practice.

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