Find Your Fitness Personality

If exercise doesn’t get you excited, you’re probably just doing the wrong workout!

Studio 5 Health & Fitness Contributor Melanie Douglass shares how to discover your exercise personality.

Workout Personality Quiz

1) You’ve been exercising…

A. Regularly, since you tried the most popular class at the gym

B. Since the doctor informed you your blood pressure is high

C. Always been active. Just like to stay active

D. You’ve been working like crazy to get ready for your best friends wedding

2) What’s your ideal workout?

A. Working where you chit-chat with friends or a trainer

B. A solid cardio and strength workout where you feel like you covered all the basics

C. Doing crazy new things that you have never tried before

D. Workouts that focus on individual body parts, like abs, or legs

3) Before a workout, you’re most likely to:

A. Be found chatting with someone

B. Pack a water bottle and post-workout snacks

C. Get mentally prepared and amped up to really rock it

D. Picture yourself feeling confident in your new swimsuit

4) How do you feel after a workout?

A. Happy and uplifted

B. Strong and energetic

C. Mentally uplifted with less stress

D. Ready to jump on the scale or try on my new skinny jeans

5) Your workout clothes are:

A. Trendy, new and part of the fun of going to workout

B. Functional, sweat wicking, breathable and comfortable
C. Edgy and trendsetting

D. Old reliable clothes that you feel comfortable in

Mostly A’s

You are motivated by social interaction

1) Join a team, a class, or a club.

2) Work out in a health club, studio or gym.

3) Join a social media support group where you can post workout results.

Mostly B’s

You are motivated by your health

1) Make your goals about your workout.

2) Commit to a day and time. Make an appointment with your workout.

3) Focus on your new “super power”.

Mostly C’s

You are motivated by the rush

1) Get lost in your workout. Pick an actyivity and let all your emotions go.

2) Make your workout an adventure.

3) Recruit new people to try new things with you.

Mostly D’s

You are motivated by looking good

1) Set a date for a big event where you want to look your best.

2) Spend more time in the weight room.

3) Visualize your results.

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