Find Your Style: Home Décor Style Quizzes

Studio 5 Intern Valerie Charlton researched three great home décor style quizzes that will help you discover your own decor style.

How do you know what your home style is? How long does it take to figure it out? How difficult will it be to discover? All of these questions arise when searching for your personal design style. We did all the work for you and found three easy and quick quizzes that will help you to discover what style your home décor should be.

The Home Stylist

Do you like a leather couch with updated lines or an antique camelback love seat with carved legs? Or do you like both? All the questions and answers are well thought out and descriptive. Each hinting at what your unique style is as you go along. At the end of the quiz, it will tell you your style and why. It offers you further resources to keep you on track of finding your flair.


Crank up the color and simply your space! This is an untraditional quiz, but really gets you thinking about what is important to you or what should be important to you not only when designing you home, but in your everyday life. It has three simply questions: 1) Who are you? 2) How do you live? 3) What is your color? The article is full of examples of what works and what does not. It offers recommendations to make your home a sanctuary.


This is a quiz for those who have no idea where to begin to discover their inner home décor style. Country? Modern? Traditional? These words mean nothing to you. At least not yet. This quiz will tell you your style and describe it in detail for further understanding. Also, it offers designing tips and specific necessary items to compete your furnishings.

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