Five Easy Photo Backdrops

This spring, the perfect picture location is in your own home.

Photographer Jami Edman has gathered her five favorite indoor backdrops any mom can pull together in a pinch.

When taking photographs you want to tell a story. A great backdrop can be part of your photo story. A backdrop can help mark a specific birthday, like a baby’s first birthday, or tell a story about your subject, like a senior’s love of history. A backdrop can also be a fun and flirty way to encourage your subject to relax and enjoy being in front of the camera.

We have all seen on pintrest and blogs photos of subjects carrying balloons in fields or down streets. But what if you used them as a backdrop for a photo. Balloons are a great way to add depth to a photo background. It is easy to blow them up and just push pin them into a wall.

To create a stunning backdrop, another way is to use fewer balloons, but have them connected to the ground, either with tape or with tent stakes.

You can find fabric banners all over the Internet. What if you used them as a photo backdrop? On Etsy they sell for as much as $90. I don’t sew, so trust me, these are so easy to make. I went to the clearance rack at the fabric store and chose four coordinating fabrics. I bought a yard of each and a roll of twine, and then just started tearing the fabric into strips and knotting them onto the twine. Again you could tape this to a wall, hang it between two trees, or hang it in a door way. Get creative with different fabrics, add ribbon, there is no right or wrong way to do this backdrop.

Professionals use fabric backdrops that cost hundreds of dollars. But you can achieve the same look for less by heading down to your local fabric store, hobby lobby, or Walmart. Packing tape works great to tape fabric to walls, without damaging the walls. Buy at least two yards of fabric to ensure you get the height or width you are looking for.

This one is so easy and perfect as a neutral backdrop! You can also do this with old books or magazines. Simply Mod Podge newspaper to backing board (you can buy this at Home depot) and lean the boards against a wall. I used this backdrop for a child, who was turning one, with some vintage cameras (she is the only girl in her family and gets her photos taken a lot). She wore a bright outfit and with this backdrop she really became the center of the photos. My other client is a teen who is very into history, reads a lot, and loves the news. This backdrop was perfect for him as it represents something he is passionate about.

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