Five Most Haunted Spots in Salt Lake City

Do you believe in ghosts? You might after seeing our top five most haunted places in the Salt Lake Valley. Jennifer Stagg joined Ghost Hunter, Troy Wood. So come along– if you dare.

Troy wood with the Utah Ghost Organization is our guide to the 5 most haunted places in the Salt Lake Valley.

#5: The McCune Mansion

It was built in 1901, by the McCune family. This grand mansion sits right in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City and is a popular place for wedding receptions. But Troy says sometimes wedding planners get a little more than they planned for.

“The common ghosts in this building are a little girl in a white dress, and a tall man in a dark cape,” he said.

Troy says the ghost of the little girl is notorious for rearranging wedding decorations, and the man? He wanders mysteriously from room to room. So if you’re planning to have your wedding at the McCune– you might want to plan on a few uninvited guests.

#4 Capitol Theatre

Troy says this is the home of “George.” An old stage manager nicknamed the Capitol Theatre Ghost “George,” but Troy believes he is actually Patrick Duffin– an usher who died in a fire there in the 1940’s. And “George” apparently has a thing for lights.

“When he (the stage manager) would go to run the lights for the performance of the Nutcracker, the opening show, none of the lights would turn on,” Troy said. “He started yelling at the ghost, ‘darn it George! If you don’t turn the lights on, I’m going to have you exorcised!’ And then everything turned on.”

Troy says they’ve recorded other ghostly voices as well– he thinks they are past actors. And he says the toilets spontaneously flush, startling theatre goers.

#3 The Rio Grande Depot

This is where you might see the “lady is the purple dress,” that started in 1945. Legend has it, the woman got into an argument with her fiancé and he threw his engagement ring on to the train tracks. She ran after it and was run over.

“Her ghost has been seen in the women’s room, in the basement, in the museum, and when we did our investigation, up here, we recorded the voice of a woman saying my boyfriend pushed me,” Troy said.

Is there possibly a murder mystery at Rio Grande?

#2 The Salt Lake City and County Building

The ghost of a former judge, reportedly with a wooden leg, can be seen– and heard– hobbling around. Another ghost– a bride in a white wedding dress.

“We went in the tunnels underground and one of them said ‘what do you want?'” Troy said.

#1 Fort Douglas

If you’re hunting for a ghost– Troy says Fort Douglas is your best bet. You could run into any number of ghosts– including the most popular, a soldier named “Clem.”

“He just makes himself present,” Troy said. “He’ll stand there and watch ya.”

So next time you want to give yourself a little fright, stop by one of those places and you might just see a real ghost.

The Utah Ghost Organization

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