Five Tips for Freezing Meals

Jenny Stanger, author of “Fantastic Freezer Meals,” says she saves $200-300 a month by buying in bulk and making meals ahead of time. She shares five excellent tips for making freezer meals successful.


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Can I freeze raw meat?

Yes, if in a sauce or a marinade. Refreezing meats can cause them to lose moisture and become tough, but when mixed with a marinade, or placed in a casserole type dish, meats will cook up with more flavor and are usually more tender

If my food is defrosted and I don’t end up using it, can I re-freeze it?

Yes, if it has been defrosting in the fridge, it is safe to put it back in the freezer. It will loose some moisture from the 1st defrost, but it is safe. No if it has been defrosted in the microwave. The food will have warm spots and bacteria have started to grow. It is not safe.

When I defrost my food there is a lot of extra water. Do I pour this out?

Yes it is okay to pour off the extra liquid. Don’t pour all of it out of pasta dishes. It will soak back into the pasta after it cools.

How do I package my frozen foods?

Most often I use zip-top baggies and double bag for sauces. I lay them flat in the freezer so I can stack them like bricks. For lasagnas and other dishes I want to lay flat, I use aluminum foil disposable bakeware. It saves on clean-up and I really hate doing dishes. You can also line your baking dishes with aluminum foil, flash freeze food for 1 hour, take it out and wrap it in plastic wrap. This saves on the cost of disposable bakeware. To serve frozen dish, unwrap plastic and place back into a baking dish to bake.

How long do freezer dinners last?

3-6 Months


Jenny Stanger is the author of “Fantastic Freezer Meals.” She also teaches cooking classes at Thanksgiving Point, and Ace Hardware in North Salt Lake.

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