Grocery Store Crafts

Kristine McKay with We R Memory Keepers shows us how old packaging can transform into a new idea.


We’ve all heard the saying, “presentation is everything” and it’s definitely true in the world of marketing. Often, a good portion of the total product cost can actually be hidden in the packaging. Next time you go to the grocery store take a moment as you walk down the aisle to look at all of the great unique eye catching packaging.

Although, you probably aren’t going to make your grocery purchases based on future crafting plans, stop before you throw anything away. Take a moment and ask yourself the following questions:

• Does it have a unique shape?

• Could it be used to package a gift?

Here are just a few ideas:

A Yarn Keeper

1. Large clear plastic container (like the Stauffer’s 34 oz animal cracker jar)

2. Decorate the lid

3. Punch and set eyelets in the top of the lid

4. Thread yarn out the top through the holes

Recipe Box

1. Use a pop-tart box

2. Cut the top of the box off to the desired height

3. Cover with Pattern paper and stickers

4. Make dividers with old chipboard packaging from cereal boxes
or something similar and decorate

5. Embellish blank recipe cards with coordinating paper

Plastic Bag Dispenser

1. Cut the bottom of a clear 2 liter soda bottle.

2. Turn upside down , decorate, and embellish

3. Punch and set eyelets on either side

4. Thread a ribbon through for a tie that can hang on a hook

5. Fill with loose plastic bags.

6. Dispense through the spout

Magazine file

1. Cut the top off of a large laundry detergent box.
Either cut straight across or cut the front slightly lower

2. Decorate and embellish

3. Attach a bookplate and record box content

Gift Bags

1. Use the small brown paper bags or produce bags

2. Decorate and embellish

3. Attach ribbon and gift tag

4. Fill with tissue paper and place gift inside

Gift Boxes

1. Use any box based on desired size.

2. Cover and decorate with pattern paper

3. Place gift inside

4. Tie ribbon and attach gift tag

Custom Crafted Handbag

1. Purchase the re-useable grocery bags
(usually costs around $1)

2. Cover the logo with cute fabric

3. Decorate, embellish, and add ribbon and eyelets for extra flair

Use iron on designs if desired

Box of cards

1. Use any box based on desired size

2. Cover and decorate with pattern paper

3. Place handmade cards inside that coordinate with the box

4. Tie with a ribbon and give as a gift or keep for yourself

Ribbon Keeper

1. Find a box similar to a shoe box

2. Punch and set eyelets along the sides (equal distance apart)

3. Place loose ribbon inside of the box and thread through eyelet holes

Gift/storage Jar

1. Select a jar that is the desired size

2. Wash the label off completely (“Goo Be Gone” works great for stubborn labels)

3. Fill with desired items such as cookie mix, candy or loose items you
want to organize such as buttons.

Gift Tag Closures

1. Bulk tags can be found loose near the bulk bins. They are used to write
the bin number on and tie the bag closed.

2. Instead of throwing away, decorate with pattern paper and cute embellishments.
Use them for gift tags on cellophane bags.


Kristine McKay’s love for paper crafting began when she was a little girl growing up in Blackfoot, Idaho. She remembers designing stationary sets and trying to sell them to the other neighborhood children. Her love of paper and design drew her to the scrapbooking industry over six years ago. She has worked with several companies including DCWV, All My Memories, Lasting Impressions, Three Bugs in a Rug, and We are Memory Keepers. She has developed products for both QVC and the Home Shopping Network and also had her work featured in various publications and idea books. Kristine believes that scrapbooking is about more than simply placing a sticker on your child’s soccer photo. It is a form of artist expression, using paper as the medium and memories as the inspiration. She strives to bring practical products and ideas to the industry that save both time and money. Currently she works with We R Memory Keepers and resides in Spanish Fork, Utah with her husband Dan of 15 years and their three children Tanner, Kelsey, and Cameron.

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