Flea Market First-Timer

Studio 5 contributor Jennifer Heslop found one open-air flea market in Sugar House, and signed up to sell.

Jenn’s Tips for a Successful Yardsale

1. Advertise: take advantage of the internet, i.e. ksl classifieds, face book, twitter. Use nice looking signs that are easily seen, remember to check on local city restrictions on placement.

2. Consider hosting a group/neighborhood sale. The more the merrier!

3. Make sure your location allows for plenty of parking.

4. Avoid holiday weekends.

5. Make sure the items to sell are clean and in good repair.

6. Have plenty of small bills and change on hand.

7. Tag or price each item. Make sure prices are easy to spot. If you have a box of all one item (i.e. books), make a large sign for all items, i.e. Books $1 each.

8. Have bags for buyers to place their purchases in and tissue paper or newspaper to wrap fragile items.

9. Make your yard sale attractive. Organize items into colors or categories (i.e. yard items, children’s items, etc.)

10. Have Fun and be friendly.

If you want to check out the monthly summer flea markets in downtown Sugar House, contact:


1720 South 900 East

Salt Lake City, UT 84105-3202

(801) 486-2633


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