Fleece Hats for Halloween

Fleece Hats for Halloween

As the weather turns colder and your children’s thoughts turn to Halloween,
your thoughts turn to keeping them warm. You can make a fleece hat that
can help play up their Halloween costume.

Blogger Angel Peterson shares a quick and easy idea to make a fleece hat
that doubles as a costume.

The pattern for the hat is found on Angel’s blog http://www.fleecefun.com/

How to stream line your process if you are making several hats –

1. cut them all out at once,

2. pin them all at once,

3. to make making multiples go faster.

Ways to make a simple pattern your own (how to put your own twist on a
design) –

1.place the horns in a different spot for a different look,

2.switch out colors and patterns,

3.add sequins, jewels and pins to change the look easily

Steps to making the hat:

1.Download and assemble the .pdf pattern (it’s larger than 8.5 by 11)

2. Cut out the pattern pieces you will need.

3. Sew the ears, plates stem or horns together, turn

4. Place some batting in each one to help stand up (or fleece scraps)

5. Sandwich between the hat pattern pieces at the point you want.
(Depending on what hat you are making the placement is different)

6. Sew the Side seams of the hat, sewing on the plates using a .5 seam

7. Sew the other top seam of the hat using a .5 seam allowance.

8. Turn under brim to desired width, sew a zigzag stitch along the edge of
the cloth. Trim and Finished!

How to save money on fabric and sewing

1. Plan ahead.

Before you head out to the store to make something take a few minutes to
plan what you want (or need) to make. For example you want to make 3
pairs of pants for our little one and two hats. Have a definite project in mind
before you head to the store.

2. Look online for tutorials and patterns

My website offers free .pdf pattern and video tutorials. There are also a lot
“free sewing” sites out there. See if you can find a free tutorial or pattern
online – by cutting out the cost of a pattern it adds to your savings.

3. Always, Always buy on sale or up-cycle.

National fabric chains have regular sales and coupons that you can sign up
for. Iif your not buying it on sale you’re paying too much. You can re-use
old t-shirts, and pajama pants to make new things. T-shirts (like the ones
we collect every summer from walk-athons, family reunions and camps) can
pile up. They make great kid’s pants and hats – and they are free.

4. Buy solid colors.

Solid colors tend to be less expensive than prints. So making something that
is mostly a solid with a little bit of a print mixed in can save you money and
still look cute.)

You can find free patterns and other http://www.fleecefun.com/ ideas
for fun, fleece projects at Angel’s website, http://www.fleecefun.com/

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