flickering lanterns

Flickering lanterns will turn your house into a haunted mansion! Here’s how to make them…

A few flickering lanterns will add some spook to your front stoop.

The Disneyland style haunted mansion comes to your house in a very clever way. We’re making moody, spooky, flickering lights from upcycled materials. It’s a project that will bring the oos and ahhs, and is perfect for at-home use.

Designer of Festival Transylvania at Millcreek Gardens, Chad Evans, shares his ideas.


How to Turn an Old Clock Into a Lighted Sign

  1. Remove rear panels from clock. Discard the clock mechanism, but keep the rear panel intact.
  2. Using di-cut lettering or thick marker, apply lettering to inside or outside of glass face.
  3. Using any translucent material, cut and color an insert to install behind the glass.
  4. Attach a strand of fairy lights to the translucent panel, and install behind the glass.
  5. Reassemble the clock panels, making sure that the fairy light controls are accessible from behind.

See more of Chad’s work when you visit Festival Transylvania at Millcreek Gardens. This is a very family friendly outing, a spook alley for the little ones!

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