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Flower Fascination: How to grow Lisianthus and why it’s the hidden gem of flowers

Grow Lisianthus and add it to your floral arrangements!

There is one flower that is a hidden gem in the floral world.

Flower farmer Jessie Westover dives into the world of Lisianthus and shares how to make it bloom in your own garden.

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How to Grow Lisianthus

Lisianthus Basics

Lisianthus may not be a household name like roses or sunflowers, but according to Jessie, it’s got something special. This beauty has its roots in North America and can be found in both the wild and cultivated scenes.

A Rainbow of Colors

Here’s the cool thing about Lisianthus – it comes in a ton of different colors. We’re talking about pure whites, soft pinks, purples, and even blues. Jessie’s all about how versatile Lisianthus is, making it a winner for any floral arrangement.

Timing and Planting Tips

If you want to embrace Lisianthus in your garden, plant it when the weather’s playing nice. Spring and early summer are the best times, giving these beauties a chance to root themselves and settle in.

How to Care for Lisianthus

Lisianthus isn’t in a hurry, so take your time to give it some TLC. Regular fertilizing, keeping the weeds at bay, and not overdoing it with watering are all part of the care package. It’s also important to make sure it has well-drained soil.

As it grows, the delicate blooms might need a hand to stay upright. Jessie says to use stakes or netting to give them support when they’re around 8 to 10 inches tall. It’s like giving them a gentle hug to prevent any mishaps.

When to Harvest

When it’s time to gather the blooms, think cool – like early morning or late afternoon. Pick the ones that have fully opened petals and you’re in for a treat with a gorgeous display.

Inner Beauty

There’s more to Lisianthus than meets the eye! Get up close and you’ll spot a fabulous blend of colors and textures at its center. Those frilly petals and the cool gradient inside – it’s like a mini masterpiece.

Lisianthus might not be in the flower spotlight all the time, but it’s definitely a hidden gem worth discovering. Using Jessie’s care instructions, you’ll grow stunning blooms that light up your garden and arrangements. So, whether you’re a flower fanatic or just a curious gardener, Lisianthus is absolutely worth your time and effort.

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