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Curb the chaos! Go into back to school organized with these 6 solutions

Going into back to school organized will help everyone adjust.

As summer fades into the rearview mirror, families are gearing up for a return to reality. Say goodbye to leisurely playdates and pool trips; it’s time for earlier bedtimes and structured schedules.

Professional organizer Jenny Layton shares her wisdom on managing this busy time of year, and how to go into back to school organized.

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How to Start Back to School Organized

1. Mindset Reset

Transitioning from the laid-back days of summer to the school routine can be challenging. Jenny likens it to merging onto and off of a freeway. Summer feels like smooth cruising on the freeway, but school routines might feel a bit clunky as we get off the exit ramp. The key? Remember that this bumpiness is temporary. Just like getting back onto the freeway, the new normal will soon feel familiar and manageable.

2. The Power of Family Meetings

Jenny recommends gathering the family to hash out routines. These routines are lifesavers in the back-to-school hustle. Discuss after-school activities, homework time, and bedtime schedules. Identifying morning pitfalls, like outfit drama or last-minute lunch packing, helps eliminate unnecessary stress. For Jenny’s teenage girls, choosing outfits the night before is a must to avoid morning meltdowns.

3. Set Solid Routines

Solid routines are the secret sauce to a smooth school transition. Plan tasks the night before to reduce morning chaos. Packing lunches, organizing school bags, and arranging dance outfits can be tackled in advance. Jenny’s family thrives on a shared whiteboard calendar that tracks everyone’s schedules at a glance.

4. Embrace the Power of Checklists

The thrill of a checklist isn’t just for grown-ups. Kids love them too! Empower your children to take charge of their routines with checklists. This builds a sense of security and responsibility while streamlining the morning rush.

5. Conquer the Paper Chaos

The paper avalanche is real. With the influx of school papers, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Jenny’s pro tip: ditch the paper clutter. Extract actionable items from papers and transfer them to your to-do list or calendar. Keep a desktop file for important documents like homework packets or schedules. It not only keeps you organized but also keeps your kitchen counter tidy.

6. Taming the Email Onslaught

In today’s digital world, email inboxes can mirror paper clutter. Jenny’s email advice parallels her paper strategy. Regularly sift through your inbox, transferring tasks to your to-do list, and deleting or archiving emails to declutter your digital space.

Navigate the back-to-school whirlwind with confidence and ease. Remember, it’s okay if things feel clunky at first. Embrace the adjustments, stay organized, and soon you’ll find yourself cruising down the freeway of the new school year like a pro.

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