star bread

Foodie 2020 Bread Week: Make show-stopping star bread at home

Make this bread the star of the dinner table.

Since bread is a major food trend for 2020, we have the perfect excuse to bake loaf after loaf in our kitchen! This staple is the star of any party, and we mean that literally for this recipe!

Rachelle Hubsmith shares how to make star bread. She shares how simple it can be for the home baker.

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Tips for Making Star Bread

Kneaded enough test:

  • Window Pane test; pinch off a walnut size piece of dough and stretch it between your thumb and forefinger. If it is translucent, you’ve kneaded enough.

 Ripe Test:

  • Stick two fingers in the dough. Indentations will remain if ready it is ready.


  • Natural enzymes work harder
  • One packet has 200 billion alive yeast cells
  • It consumes sugar and flour starch to create carbon dioxide
  • Gluten strains form a web


  • Warm water will not kill yeast. It should be warm to the touch, like a baby’s bath. 105-110 degrees.
  • If water is a little too cool, the yeast will still activate but it might be slower
  • It will continue to release gas until it is put in the oven and the dough reaches 140 degrees F within the first few minutes. Then the leavening stops.

Which flour to use:

  • Bread flour works best with yeast. It is 11-11.5% protein. It is stronger and traps yeast produced gases better.
  • The best way to measure flour
  • Spoon and Sweep Method
  • Using a scale is best
  • Never scoop flour with measuring cup
  • Always start with less flour, it can dry out your bread