Forever Clean Stainless Steel

Finally the perfect solution to get rid of those greasy marks on your stainless steel. You spend good money for your appliances, why not keep them looking spotless. Scott Solomon with Protect N’ Shine is here to help us get rid of those fingerprints once and for all.


Stainless steel looks beautiful when it’s brand new, and can transform any room into a showroom. But it quickly turns unattractive with scratches and smudges. Protect-N-Shine shields your appliances from scratches and makes your old scratched surfaces shine like new! This revolutionary protective sealant eliminates and prevents blemishes, smudges, and fingerprints.

Protect-N-Shine makes cleaning your appliances hassle-free and for a fraction of the cost! After the sealant is applied, all you need is a microfiber cloth to wipe the surface. It also provides a germ-free environment.

Protect-n-Shine can be applied to any stainless steel surface. This clear coating protects from corrosion, salt pitting, rust, and discoloration. For old, scratched appliances the scratches will be removed and then the surface is deep cleaned before applying Protect-N-Shine to restore your appliances to showroom quality.

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