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A French Baguette Makes These Parisian Picnic Sandwiches Extra Delicious

Make a French baguette and fill it with your favorite sandwich toppings!

A long and thin French baguette is the first step in making a tantalizing spring lunch with the ladies.

Recipe creator Amy Richardson shows that the ingredients for a ham and apple sandwich rival your favorite restaurant lunch.

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Handmade Parisian Picnic Sandwiches


  • 3-6 Handmade Parisian Baguettes, plain or rosemary
  • Camembert Cheese, apricot preserves, field greens, black pepper and French Sea Salt
  • Mezetta Olive Salad, small heirloom tomatoes halved, feta cheese, field greens, black pepper and French sea salt
  • Brie and Pink Lady Apples, sliced with French Honey Mustard
  • Traditional Ham, Havarti, butter, field greens, black pepper and French Sea Salt
  • Fresh Basil, Heirloom Tomatoes, sliced Black Pepper and French Sea Salt
  • Baby Baguettes with Butter and Framboise (Strawberry) Jam

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Amy Richardson is a longtime food and party contributor for KSL’s Studio 5. She is a self-taught home cook, recipe innovator, food stylist and food photographer. She shares her enthusiasm and creativity by bringing together beautiful food and family, to make wonderful memories!

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