Fresh Fall Closet Combos

We all crave a fresh fall look. But it’s not just about what you have in your closet – it’s how you work it!

Fashionista Rachel Parcell with the blog “Pink Peonies” shares four fresh closet combinations for fall.

Look 1: Leather + Pastels

Infusing leather and pastels along with a contrasting collar, which are trends that have been so big for 2012. The leather detailing is huge for fall and by adding a pastel shade to it, it creates a unique look that we don’t typically see in the autumn months but is still appropriate for the season. It’s a really easy way to add a unique twist to a look that can be taken from day to night.

Shopping Guide:

Sweater: H&M, 19.95

Contrasting Collar: Forever 21, $22.80

Look 2: Pattern-Mixing:

We’re playing off the pattern-mixing trend for this next look, mainly dot on dot that we’ve seen recently, especially from the J.Crew catalog. Pattern mixing can seem like a daunting task for some of us. I would suggest starting off with a basic print, like the polka dot. They’re a great to mix with because it’s basic and versatile. From there add to it. I went with a heart print blouse from J.Crew, which is a little more geometric than a polka dot but is still playing safe and a trend that can easily be worn by all ages.

Shopping Guide:

Blouse: J.Crew, $135.00

Look 3: Bow-tied scarf:

During the fall and winter months I wear scarf’s weekly, sometimes daily, but I get caught in a rut, I tie my scarf’s the same way, day in day out. This fall my goal is to find new ways to tie them. One way in particular that I’m loving is the scarf tied in bow tie. It adds a feminine detail and an extra element. You can throw it on with anything, you can wear it with a dress, pants and here I’ve paired it with something. We all love a great scarf so for fall just look for unique ways you can incorporate them into your look.

Shopping Guide:

Scarf: DownEast Basics, $9.99

Look 4: Graphics and Velvet

Typically velvet is known as a more dressy fabric but for fall we’re seeing it done in everyday silhouettes. These skinnies I picked up from Soel Boutique, paired it with a graphic tee, which is currently trending and a leather jacket is an everyday wear for fall but creates a unique feel because of the rich texture the pants create.

Shopping Guide:

Pants: Soel Boutique, $198.00

To see more of Rachel’s fashion sense and style, check out her blog:

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