Are We Over the Bubble Necklace?

It’s bright, bold and makes a serious style statement. At this point, if you haven’t seen the bubble necklace, we’re not sure what planet you’re living on.

J. Crew first introduced us to this massive accessory. For a while, that’s the only place you could find it – for a pricey $120. But recently fifteen dollar knock-offs have been popping up on Etsy, eBay and blogs – prompting us to ask: are we over the bubble necklace? Studio 5 reached out to three style setters for their opinion.

“I love the bubble necklace, but I don’t wear it as often as I used to. Just like any instant trend, the ‘cool’ factor fades when it becomes overly available. Regardless of others’ love or hate for this item, if you like it and want to wear it, go for it. It’s still selling at J.Crew, so consider that an endorsement!”

-Amanda Sanchez

“The bubble necklace has been a great statement piece for awhile. J.Crew has had the necklace for a few years but it became BIG last Winter. Although I do like the necklace, it is defiantly time to move on and try something different. Look for geometric or chunky chain statement necklaces.”

– Shannon Abbott

“The bubble necklace has definitely become MORE than a little overdone. It is a trend that has taken over the fashion scene! The other day I saw at least 5 women wearing some version of the bubble necklace during one shopping trip to the mall. I actually think the bubble necklace adds a perfect pop to an outfit. However, too much of a good thing can be bad and I am personally ready to say goodbye to the trend. ”

– Mindy Dunyon
Studio 5 Trend Tracker

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