Fresh Juicing

Today on Studio 5 Dave Prows demonstrated the L’Equip juicer and gave us great information about the health benefits of juicing and the equipment available to do just that. If you would like more information regarding Bosch and L’Equip products go to Below is a recap of today’s Studio 5 segment.

Benefits of Juicing

• Greater Nutrition

• Lots of vitamins per serving

– 3 – 8 oz glasses of juice can provide the major benefits of up to
three pounds of fruits and vegetables.

– Mixes of some juices deliver nutritional equivalent of 22 servings
of fruits and vegetables daily.

• Quick use of fresh produce in season

• Cost savings (vs. Buying juice at store or juice bar)

• Provides live enzymes

• Cost savings (less expensive)

• Fresh juice can help detox or cleanse body of hundreds of different

• Drinking a glass of juice before each meal will reduce desire for
starches, sweets and other high-calorie foods

Right equipment

• Pulp ejection system

• Compact design

• Easy to clean

• Easy to use

• High Yield

• Powerful motor

• High-quality stainless steel blade and basket

• Power efficient


• 1 lb. raw produce usually yields one cup (8 oz. juice)

• Prepare fruits and vegetables

• Empty pulp bin as it begins to fill

• Use pulp in soups and other recipes or as compost in garden – pulp can

• also be frozen for later use.

• Serve juice immediately / can be stored but loses some nutrients.

• Use fruit and vegetable juice for stock or water in cooking.

• Vegetable juice mixed with carrot juice will produce a sweeter vegetable flavor.

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