Weight Loss Center of Utah: Single Incision Surgery

Dr. Cottam appears on Studio 5 with the details.

The new surgery is officially called a Sleeve Gastrectomy for weight loss laparoscopically through a single incision port. This technology allows surgeons to perform surgery with little scarring. The single incision port is placed through the umbilicus or belly button. Commonly laparoscopic weight loss surgery is performed by placing five ports in the abdomen. This revolutionary technique gives patients the ability to lose weight and the ability to show it off when they wear a bathing suit!

When a laparoscopic operation is performed, a small video camera is inserted into the abdomen. The surgeon views the procedure on a separate video monitor. Most laparoscopic surgeons believe this gives them better visualization and access to key anatomical structures.

The camera and surgical instruments are inserted through small incisions made in the abdominal wall. This approach is considered less invasive because it replaces the need for one long incision to open the abdomen. A recent study shows that patients having had laparoscopic weight loss surgery experience less pain after surgery, resulting in easier breathing and lung functions and higher overall oxygen levels. Other patients realized benefits with laparoscopy have been fewer wound complications such as infection or hernia and patients returning more quickly to pre-surgical levels of activity.

Laparoscopic procedures for weight loss surgery employ the same principles as their “open” counterparts and produce similar excess weight loss. Not all patients are candidates for this approach.

At the Surgical Weight Loss Center of Utah you’ll find a program designed to help you lose weight with the education and support you need for long-term success. Their team goes far beyond surgery to provide a life-changing program that includes nutritional guidance, support groups, exercise physiology, and coordination of counseling services. Their experienced, board-certified surgeons specialize in the surgical treatment of clinically obese patients. Along with Sleeve Gastrectomy, they offer the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass, Lap Band, Bileopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch, Revisional Bariatric Surgery, Abdominoplasties, and Brachioplasties.

Their clinical team includes Dr. Daniel Cottam and Dr. Christina Richards, a registered dietitian, registered nurse, exercise physiologist, and insurance specialist. By choosing to have surgery at the Surgical Weight Loss Center of Utah, you are selecting a program that is specifically tailored to meet your individual needs. They believe in educating patients to make the lifestyle changes required for successful weight loss and they are committed to providing the support needed to lose the weight and keep it off.

If you have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or greater, or a BMI of at least 35 with other existing medical problems, or you are facing other health risks due to obesity call 1-866-602 (THIN) 8446 for information on attending a free seminar with their staff and surgeons.

For more information on Sleeve Gastrectomy, contact the Surgical Weight Loss Center of Utah, a service of Salt Lake Regional Medical Center, located at 24 South 1100 East, Suite #304. Call (801) 746-2885 or go to www.saltlakeregional.com.

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