Fresh Spring Veggies

Steve Rosenberg from Liberty Heights Fresh gives us an overview. He says the three vegetables that are most fresh right now are artichokes, asparagus and fiddlehead ferns.

1. Artichokes

• Artichokes with thorns, although they may be hard on your hands are going to have a much better flavor than the thorn-less varieties.

• Baby artichokes are also abundant in the spring season and can be eaten fresh.

• They grown best when it is cool, so they are most abundant in the months of March and April.

2. Asparagus

• Asparagus is low in calories, contains no fat or cholesterol, and is very low in sodium.

• It grows really fast when it is hot.

• Right now you can get fresh asparagus from the Imperial Valley in California, right next to the Mexican border.

3. Fiddlehead Ferns

• Fiddlehead ferns are truly wild plants.

• You need to fully cook them before eating. You can blanch them and saute them in garlic and butter or try olive oil, shallots, and a little cracked black pepper.

• They are only available for a few weeks in the Spring.

For more information, you can go to:

Liberty Heights Fresh

1290 S 1100 E Salt Lake City, UT 84105

(801) 467-2434

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