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Dr. Michael Affleck talks about Fresh Start Dental and how they can help you.


Fresh Start Dental changes lives: people who struggle with missing one, two, three, or all of their teeth. The Fresh Start team are experts in all aspect in the field of dental implants and can handle any situation. They deliver implant care everyday. They exist for those people who want a better life.

Fresh Start Dental is a high tech center that uses the latest technology. They are one of the few offices in the state of Utah to use a CT scan in the process of implant planning, The CT scan allows them to see everything that they need to see prior to treating the patient.


Traditional implant care took 6-18 months. The dentist performing the care may or may not have been a specialist. Implant treatment required multiple office visits, sometimes duplicate fees, and often times there was a lack of communiction between offices. Bone grafting also made the process longer.

Today, implant care is done by specialists trained in all aspects of dental implant treatment. The laboratory is in house. There is a team consisting of an Oral Surgeon, Prosthodontist, and Dental Lab Technician. It is one stop shopping. After visiting a Fresh Start Clinic, you’ll feel you’ve found the place for dental care. Outside of maintaining your teeth, your tooth problems are essentially over. Fresh Start Dental provides a miracle answer for people who are suffering from missing teeth.

Pain management is important, too. Fresh Start Dental also actively helps manage pain. They team up with oral surgeons, who have ways to manage pain that no one else does.

Your good dental health is an investment and patients will tell you the experience is worth it. The one stop shopping streamlines the process and can save you money because there are fewer appointments for the patient. And typically, there is only one surgery. Fresh Start Dental buys in bulk, so they get discounts on parts that are passed on to you. It actually costs less to do it with the Fresh Start all-at-once treatment model than it does to itemize everything as in the past. You can also have many financial options so that it can work into your budget.


-35 million in US have no teeth. 30 million more in the US will lose their teeth in the near future.

-100 million are missing one or more teeth

Many people missing teeth, or who are struggling with painful teeth, give up or quit going to the dentist all together. They haven’t been to the dentist in many years. As a result, there are many people who are unaware of the implant option to replace missing teeth. Fresh Start Dental wants you to know about this great technology option of dental implants.

1. Fresh Start is about changing lives. It’s really amazing and rewarding to be involved in such a life changing event for people.

2. Fresh Start also has expert Care Coordinators who are specially trained to help our patients save literally 20% to 30% off the standard market price for this type of care. It’s a real focus of the company–helping patients get an outstanding financial outcome, just like an outstanding clinical outcome.

To learn more about your dental implant options, get educated by checking out the Fresh Start Dental website at

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