Front Door Facelift

Studio 5 Contributor, Cari Stevenson shares the three C’s of a front door facelift that will have the neighborhood talking.

When re-doing your front door, there are three things to consider: color, character, and charm.


Selecting the right color will be less intimidating with the following hand-picked color palette. Martha Stewart Living paints available at Home Depot are perfect for painting a front door because you can buy by the quart.
If color makes you nervous, the classic picks offer a good foundation and can be added upon with pops of brighter colors through your accessories.

Classic Colors (all from the Martha Stewart Collection)
• Barn MSL026 (deep red)
• Silhouette MSL280 (rich black)
• Cornbread MSL070 (buttery yellow)
• Molasses MSL245 (rich, dark brown)
• Wrought Iron MSL168 (deep blue)
• Crevecoeur MSL249 (mid-range brown)
• Brown Alpaca MSL204 (khaki/beige)
• Dill MSL094 (mossy green)
• Picket Fence MSL057 (bright white)

Contemporary Colors (slightly less traditional)
• Mossy Rock MSL103 (army/pea green)
• Chanti MSL183 (rich burgundy)
• Zinc MSL267 (grey)
• Plumage MSL163 (deep turquoise)
• Yellow Magnolia MSL067(bright/sunshine yellow)
• Blue Fir MSL124 (soft blue-gray)


Character comes through investing in hardware and lighting. An quick and inexpensive piece of hardware comes from adding a simple hook in the middle of your door – perfect for hanging wreaths, chalkboards, garlands, etc.


Adding charm comes from the one-of-a-kind touches that will be unique to you. It may be in the form of a pillow with your house number stamped in red ink or vinyl lettering placed on terra cotta pots. There are all kinds of unique numbers at places like Anthropologie, Sundance Catalog, craft stores, etc.

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