Platinum Protection: Preventing House Fires

Chance Allred from Platinum Protection explains how a new way of thinking with smoke alarms is making homes safer.

Platinum Protection offers smoke alarms with photoelectric sensors that are tied into your home security system and can alert the fire department whether you are home or not. Traditional smoke alarms might wake you in the night if there is a fire. But if you’re not home, and a fire breaks out, no one is there to hear the smoke alarm going off. Or if the smoke alarm goes off in the middle of the night, your first concern is to get your family safely out of the house. By that time, the fire has progressed even more.

The photoelectric sensors in the smoke alarm trigger a notification to emergency responders while you’re concerned with other things. And the call goes out faster than it would if you were to pick up the phone and call.

The photoelectric smoke and heat sensors use improved technology that the ionic smoke alarms in most homes don’t offer. The photoelectric sensors will sound with smoke as you would expect, but are also triggered if the temperature in your house rises quickly. When these sensors detect this type of activity the fire department will be automatically notified through your home security system and can be dispatched to your home.

This is one of the many ways Platinum Protection can keep your home safe. To find out more, visit them online at .

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