Frosted Glass Crafts

Make your old plain jars and vases pop, with a faux frosted finish!

Designer Ashley Winn is here with 3 fun ways to give glass a fresh new look.

· Use Rustolium Frosted Glass Paint for all of these projects. You can find
it at Home Depot for $4 near all of the spray paint.

Star Mason Jars

Frosted Windowpanes

Ashley Winn is an interior designer based in Salt lake City and specializes in
residential and wedding design. Her work has been published in both Utah
Style& Design and Park City/ Salt Lake City Bride& Groom.
Her passion for traveling and living abroad has sparked a genuine love for
design and people. Her hands-on design approach is uncanny, working
closely with clients to ensure the vision for each project is executed
seamlessly. Ashley Winn strongly stands behind and implements her
company’s design philosophy that your home should tell a story of who you

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