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Fruity pebbles sweet roll?! Here’s how to make any flavor of sweet (or savory!) rolls

Change up the flavor of a basic sweet roll!

A fruity pebbles cinnamon roll. A bacon and cheese cinnamon roll. This is not the menu from last night’s dreamland dessert bar. These are the options when you opt to twist up a traditional cinnamon roll!

Amy Lund, AKA The Dough Lady, shares how you can customize your dough at home and get creative with your cinnamon roll.


For a Fruity Pebble Cinnamon Roll

Start with a basic rolled-out dough. Use whatever recipe is your favorite! Mix fruity pebbles and sweetened condensed milk and throw it on your rolled out dough, just as you would a cinnamon roll. Spread to all corners. Roll it up, bake as the dough directs, and top with frosting or icing of choice. This is a fun option for St. Patrick’s Day!

For a Blueberry Lemon Roll

Start with a basic rolled-out dough. Use your favorite recipe. Fill the inside with a homemade lemon curd and blueberry  jam.

For Any Savory Roll

“If you want the savory route, find your spices and favorite cheese and pack it in. The more the better!” Amy says. It’s best to start with a basic dough, and just add butter and salt. You can layer on from this base layer and personalize it to whatever flavor combo you can think up. Try bacon and cheese, jalapeno and cheddar, or even garlic and butter.

For Any Sweet Roll

“If you want something sweet, just lay down sugar as your base and then add your filling,” Amy added. It’s all about layering flavors you think would be delicious together!

Amy is known around Utah for her out-of-the-box (and delicious!) cinnamon roll flavor mashups. To name a few: brown butter chai, caramel banana cream, blueberry lemon, fruity pebble, brown butter Rice Krispie, peach cobbler, peanut butter Oreo. She rolls out a new option on her menu every single month, so she’s always playing with new dough flavors. It’s a pretty lengthy testing process to pull off.

If you don’t want to make them at home, you can always buy premade dough and rolls from Amy at her multiple drop-off locations around SLC. Find where she’s dropping dough next on Instagram, @doughladyslc, or on her website, doughladyslc.com.

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