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Get fuller lashes the natural way! These techniques will have you ditching extensions

Fuller lashes don’t have to come from extensions.

If you’re not quite sold on eyelash extensions, we’ve got some fantastic news. You don’t need to resort to extensions to get those fuller, more fabulous lashes you’ve been dreaming of.

Studio 5 Style & Beauty Contributor Megan Moore shares insider tips to help you achieve fuller lashes naturally.

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How to Get Fuller Lashes Naturally

Say Goodbye to Extensions

Megan prefers a more natural look. The artificial feel, maintenance, and costs associated with lash extensions just don’t cut it. Embrace a softer approach, one that enhances your natural beauty without the hefty price tag.

Now, you might be wondering: will these strategies and products really deliver noticeable results? Megan says they will, but there’s a catch – it requires a little more commitment. These techniques won’t give you the exact same look as lash extensions, but they will leave your lashes feeling enhanced, fuller, thicker, and darker. All it takes is a bit of dedication and patience.

Lash Serums and Oils

Megan’s first recommendation is to get your hands on a lash serum or lash oil. As our lashes age, they can become drier and more brittle. Enter castor oil – a hero ingredient that’s often found in lash growth serums. Megan shares a simple yet effective castor oil product that’s easy on the pocket. Just a little nightly application can do wonders for your lash health and growth.

A Mascara with a Twist

Babe Original’s innovative mascara is infused with lash-loving ingredients. This mascara goes beyond giving your lashes a bold black look – it nurtures them, ensuring they remain healthy, strong, and free from that dreaded flakiness.

Technique Matters

Ready for game-changing techniques? Megan’s has a few that will keep your lashes looking full.

  1. Try a powder press. By applying loose powder to your eyelash curler before using it, you can achieve a curl that holds much longer. It’s a simple trick that can make a world of difference in your lash game.
  2. Comb and separate your lashes after applying mascara. This not only helps to separate them but also elongates them by evenly distributing the product from root to tip.
  3. Before you go to bed, Megan suggests giving your lashes a gentle massage to ensure you remove all traces of mascara. This helps maintain lash health and prevents dryness and breakage. She recommends an oil cleanser for a soothing massage that gets your lashes ready for beauty sleep.

Remember, achieving fuller lashes is all about embracing your unique beauty and enhancing what you already have. With these simple techniques and products, you’re on your way to those stunning lashes you’ve always wanted.

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