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Time for a style shift! 4 fall fashion motifs to play with this season

Fall fashion is out in full force!

The subtle chill in the air, the rustling of leaves – it’s unmistakable. Fall is just around the corner! As we bid farewell to the scorching summer heat, it’s time to usher in a fresh season of fall fashion.

Reachel Bagley guides us through the fashion trends that will help you transition seamlessly into the cooler months.

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Transition Your Summer Pieces to Fall Fashion

90s and 2000s Revival

Reachel says there is a resurgence of classic patterns with a modern twist. Fashion has come full circle, with styles from the 90s and early 2000s making a bold comeback. According to Reachel, these trends are no longer a subtle nod to the past – they are a full-blown revival.

While embracing these throwback styles, Reachel suggests adding your personal touch to make them age-appropriate. Fashion should evolve with us, and revisiting past trends is all about adding a unique twist to make them your own.

Polka Dots: A Playful Print with a Bold Spin

Polka dots, a perennial favorite, have never truly gone out of style. However, in the early 2000s, they might have been overdone. This time around, the fashion world has given them a fresh makeover. Oversized dots, irregular patterns, and head-to-toe polka dot outfits are all the rage. It’s about taking this timeless print up a notch, injecting it with boldness and unpredictability.

Reachel suggests pairing polka dots with complementary colors and textures. You can even mix and match patterns for a more eclectic look.

Fall Florals: Moody, Mysterious, and Macabre

Floral prints are typically associated with spring and summer, but this fall, they’re making a moody and mysterious entrance. Designers are opting for darker backgrounds, rich tones like reds and oranges, and mixing florals with paisleys. The result is a dramatic twist on a traditionally vibrant pattern.

When styling moody florals, Reachel advises keeping the rest of your outfit relatively simple, focusing on textures rather than patterns. Layering is key to adapting this trend to cooler temperatures.

Sheer Fabrics: Edgy Layering

The use of sheer fabrics like mesh can be tricky as temperatures drop. Reachel’s advice is to embrace layering. By incorporating sheer pieces into your outfit, you can achieve that edgy look without shivering in the cold. Think about how you can layer sheer fabrics with your spring or summer clothes to keep warm and stylish.

Reachel also recommends adding textures and experimenting with shine, like leather, to elevate your sheer fabric outfits.

Seasonal Wardrobe Transition

As we transition from summer to fall, Reachel discusses the process of changing your wardrobe. While some people store away their seasonal clothing in bins, Reachel suggests a more practical approach. Take out about a quarter of your closet as you transition into fall, and do this twice a year. Ensure that your stored clothing is well-ventilated and protected from pests and mildew.

Reachel also advises against carrying over lightweight, summery fabrics and overly patriotic items into the fall season. It’s all about adapting your wardrobe to the changing weather.

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