Fun And Unique Gift Tags

Megan Hoeppner, Creating Keepsakes magazine creative editor shares quick and easy tags you can make that will make your gifts shine!

* Cone Kiss Tag: This bitty cone tag doubles as a gift. You see, if you untie the baker’s twine, there’s a surprise inside the cone—a sweet chocolate Kiss. Fold the cone from an old sheet of book paper, insert a bit of tissue paper along the inside rim, attach a handles, add your Kiss (point down), and tie the cone shut with a piece of baker’s twine. Write your gift recipient’s name on a tiny tag, and attach it to the cone using the twine.

* Bitty Box Tag: Dress up a bitty box (I used decorative tape and sequins) and use it as a tag on a bigger box. You can either insert the “to/from” alone in the box, or you can insert a smaller gift in the box for a double surprise!

* Bitty Box Variation: Rather than place a single box on a gift, string a bunch of boxes together to make a banner tag for a present. Add letter stickers to the boxes to spell out your recipient’s name.

* Gift-Card Message Board Tag: This tag was inspired by one of those ribbon message boards. This small-scale version is perfect for holding a gift card and doubles as a tag for a gift. When making this tag, make sure you don’t glue or stitch the crisscrossed ribbon down, as that is where you’ll tuck the gift card.

* Paint Swatch Tags: Paint swatches are colorful and free. Grab a few and cut (or punch) them into cute tags. Or use the ones already made into shapes like I have with this Mickey Mouse swatch. Once you have your swatch selected, attach it to your gift with a bitty clothespin for an added playful touch.

* Top Secret Tag: Is there a gift snoop in your family? Someone who can feel his or her presents and immediately know what’s inside? If so, this idea is for you. Stamp or print “Top Secret” on a little envelope, insert the recipient’s name inside the envelope, and then seal the envelope. Do this for every gift and nobody in the family will know which gifts to investigate until it’s time to unwrap.

* Hot Chocolate Tag: Cover a package with pretty paper and turn it into a tasty tag.

* Chalkboard Tag: Create a bitty chalkboard and write the recipient’s name in chalk. This is a fun tag that can be used over and over again. For this tag, paint a wood ornament with chalkboard paint and add glitter around the outer edge for a little extra sparkle. For a quicker option, use a regular chalkboard, which you can find in most craft stores.

* Spool Tag: For this cool spool, begin by painting a the ends of a wood spool (available at the craft store) and wrapping the center with a strip of fabric. Next, write your “to” and “from” information on a strip of cardstock, wind the cardstock around the spool, and tie it in place with an extra bit of fabric. To attach the spool to your gift, thread a strip of fabric (or ribbon) through the spool and wrap the strand around your box.

Bonus Spool Idea: After all of the presents are unwrapped, gather your spools and string them together for a festive winter (or homespun) garland.

Tag, you’re it! Go have some fun mixing up your tag approach this year.

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