Fun Family Field Trip: Bingham Canyon Mine

If you’re looking for a fun trip for the family, you need to try one of the
biggest attractions in the state. The Bingham Canyon Mine Visitors Center is
an interactive experience located right in the center of one of the largest
open pit mines in the world.

Ted Himebaugh is President of the Bingham Canyon Mind Visitors Center
Charitable Foundation and encourages everyone to visit the mine.

The Visitors Center is located at an overlook where you can see right into the
operations of the mine (Ted can talk about some of the things you can see).
Inside the Visitors Center are interactive displays and exhibits:
• 3-D microscopes to examine rock and mineral samples
• Old mining artifacts
• Model trucks
• Displays and models
• Video tour of all the mining operations you can’t otherwise see in person

Fun facts about the mine: why it’s a unique Utah landmark
o The Bingham Canyon Mine has produced more copper than any
mine in history, more than 19 million tons.
o The mine is 2 ¾ miles across at the top and ¾ mile deep.
o The Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympic medals were made
from gold, silver and copper from the Bingham Canyon Mine,
and most of the London 2012 medals will be sourced from metal
originating in the Bingham Canyon Mine.
o The giant electric shovels in the mine can scoop as much as 98
tons in a single bite – about the weight of 50 cars.
o The trucks that haul the ore in the mine are about the size of a
two-story house and they are heavier than a jumbo jet.

We have visitors of all ages from Utah and around the world. The Visitors
Center is especially appropriate for families who are looking for a fun activity
that is also educational. It’s a great way to expose your children to real-world
science and engineering. It’s also a great way to show your children where
belongings come from: a warm, safe home, televisions, phones, video game
systems, cars, even money – all of these things are made with materials that
are mined.

Admissions are $5 per vehicle. 100% of admissions are donated
to charities throughout the greater Salt Lake area. The charities
are chosen by the Bingham Canyon Mine Visitors Center
Charity Foundation, a board of nine individuals representing
Kennecott Utah Copper and charities from throughout the valley.
During the month of May, we’re offering free admission with a
coupon you can print from our website. For every coupon
redeemed, Kennecott Utah Copper is going to donate $5 to the
foundation, so your visit still benefits the community, even if you
get in for free.
In 2011, The Kennecott Charitable Foundation donated a record
$195,500 to 122 local charities. The foundation gives to
organizations the help the poor and needy with an emphasis on
children, disabled, veterans, Senior Citizens and homeless.
Since 1992, The Foundation has donated more than $2.6 million
to local charities through the donations of more than three
million visitors.

Open daily from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., weather-permitting
Admission: $5 per vehicle
Free admission in May with online coupon at
Location: 12800 South State Route 111
For more information:

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