Reproductive Care Center

Millions of people struggle with the effects of infertility. It is a hard thing to
talk about and can have lasting effects on a marriage. Today on Studio 5, Dr.
Brad Swelstad talks about the positives and some of the treatment options
for couples dealing with infertility.

“Reproductive Care Center” serves all of Utah and surrounding areas with
offices in Sandy, UT and the Ogden/Layton area (new office opening in May
2012). Their primary mission is to help couples dealing with infertility
realize and help their dreams of having children.

They offer all services for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility, including
advanced reproductive technologies. Our fellowship trained infertility
, James Heiner, MD, Keith Blauer, MD MBA, Harry Hatasaka,
MD and
Brad Swelstad, MDgraduated from some of the most prestigious medical
institutions in the country. They have extensive educational and clinical
experience in all aspects of infertility management.

Most of couples conceive with treatments such as medications or IUI. IVF is
required in a small percentage of couples. When advanced technologies are
required, they have many financial options to help couples afford

Reproductive Care Center is committed to increasing the public’s awareness
of infertility and are offering free educational seminars in Sandy,Layton and
the surrounding areas. Register at

Reproductive Care Center

10150 Petunia Way (10150 S 1405 E), Sandy, UT 84092

(801) 878-8888

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