Jerry Seiner: Road Trip Tips

Is your car ready for a summer road trip? Follow some simple steps to get
your car road trip ready and to lower your fuel costs.

Winter is over and it’s a great time to make sure you’re taking care of the
investment you’ve made in your car before the summer driving season.

1. Engine

a. Oil: is the level full? Is it time for an oil change? – Having full/clean oil
will determine how long your engine will last

b. Air Filter: when was the last time it was replaced? – A dirty air filter will
greatly reduce for fuel economy

c. A/C: another hot Utah summer is around the corner, have it checked –
Nothing worse than being miserably hot

2. Tires

a. Wear pattern (tire rotation/alignment) – Rotating tires will prolong the
life of your tires, thus saving you money!

b. Correct pressure, a free way to get the most MPG from your vehicle –
Low tire pressure not only will prematurely wear out your tires but the added
rolling resistance slows the car down.

Some basic safety items everyone should keep in their cars.

• First Aid Kit

• Roadside Emergency Kit

• Water


• Cell Phone

Jerry Seiner Dealerships offer Vehicle upgrades that are great for summer

• Window tint – Keeps your car cooler, harder for criminals to see


• Accessory Racks – Bike racks, Cargo roof containers great for


• DVD Player

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