Fun Music for Children

Anna Zanarini, children’s librarian at the Salt Lake Community Library, shares her top picks for kid’s music.

Jim Gill

Award-winning Jim Gill has clever, creative songs that are simple in nature but musically hip. All of his CDs are incredibly fun for parents and children both. His website is

Jim Gill Sings Modern Rhymes for Moving Times

Songs include: Rhythm in My Fingers

Jump Up, Turn Around
Jim Gill Sings the Sneezing Song and other Contagious Tunes
Jim Gill Sings Do Re Mi on His Toe, Leg, Knee

Jim Gill’s Irrational Anthem

Jim Gill Makes it Noisy Down in Boise, Idaho

Jim Gill Family Concert:

Jim Gill will be doing a free, family concert for the Salt Lake County Library System on Tuesday, April 29 at 7:00pm at Wheeler Historic Farm (6351 South 900 East). A concert with Jim Gill is an active sing-along and clap-along. Jim bangs out energetic rhythms on his banjo while everyone sings, claps, jumps, dances and even sneezes along. It’s great fun for all ages!

Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer

Longtime children’s performers and Grammy-winning artists, these two remarkable entertainers have managed to blend elements of music and comedy, history lessons, creative conflict resolution and word play into some of the most contagiously high-spirited children’s and family music around. They have a great website with activities for kids at

Scat Like That: A Musical Word Odyssey

Songs include: Flip Flapjacks

Bon Appetit: Musical Food Fun

Pocketful of Stardust

All Wound Up

♫ Kid’s Music for All Ages

There are many fun artists who record specifically for children, but have music that is enjoyable for all ages. It’ll make you laugh, dance and sing along.

Dan Zanes

Zanes sings his way into the hearts of kids and grown-ups with a blend of traditional songs and fun original recordings. His videos can been seen on the Disney Channel and Noggin TV.

House Party

Songs include: Let’s Shake

Catch That Train

Family Dance

Rocket Ship Beach

Music for Aardvarks (aka Dave Weinstone)

Dave Weinstone decided as a father of young kids that there was a need for more ‘good’ music for kids. So he created some which chronicles the trials and tribulations of life for kids in a humorous, entertaining, and upbeat way.


Songs include: Talking on the Phone

Have You Seen My Nose?


Bill Harley

A Grammy award winning artist, Bill uses song and story to paint a vibrant and hilarious picture of growing up, schooling and family life. His work spans the generation gap, and will tame the wildest kids and put a smile on the grumpiest grownups.

I Wanna Play

Songs include: Barbie’s Head is Missing

One More Time: Favorite Songs and a New Story

Down in the Backpack

♫ Kid’s Music by Popular Artists

There are many CD’s of favorite children’s songs done by some of today’s most popular musical artists such as Maroon 5, the Dixie Chicks, Cake and the Barenaked Ladies.

They Might Be Giants

Alternative rock band TMBG has produced several award-winning CDs for kids and their parents to enjoy. While No! is just plain fun songs for kids while the two newer releases feature songs about letters and numbers that help kids learn without having them realize it!

Here Come the ABC’s

Songs include: Go for G!


Here Come the 123’s


Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson did the music for the Curious George film soundtrack and his easy-going style makes for songs both children and adults can enjoy. Some, such as the 3 R’s are even sort of educational – kids can learn to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Sing-alongs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George

Songs include: 3 R’s

Compilation Albums of Various Popular Artists

Mary Had a Little Amp

A variety of popular musicians remake some of the greatest hits for children for charity.

Songs include: Pure Imagination by Maroon 5

We Walk by REM

The Rainbow Connection by Dixie Chicks

Little Star by Madonna

Sing Along by Blue Man Group and Dave Matthews

For Our Kids series (For the Kids, For the Kids Too, For the Kids Three)

A variety of popular musicians play both classic children’s songs and original compositions for charity.

Songs include: Mahnah Mahnah by Cake

La La La La Lemon by Barenaked Ladies

The Rainbow Connection by Sarah McLachlan

Songs from the Neighborhood: The Music of Mister Rogers

Fred Rogers is an American icon and his legacy includes a wealth of songs which have introduced new concepts and comforted and assured children all over. Here popular artists offer new arrangements of his most popular tunes.

Songs include: Won’t You Be My Neighbor? By Jon Secada

It’s You I Like by Amy Grant

Schoolhouse Rock Rocks!

The classic Schoolhouse Rock songs get a rock-n-roll makeover by alternative rock bands.

Songs include: I’m Just a Bill by Deluxx Folk Implosion

Conjunction, Junction by Better Than Ezra

Jazz for Kids

Timeless children’s classics are done in a jazz or swing style by legendary performers such as Ella Fitzgerald’s rendition of “The Muffin Man” or “Yes, We Have No Bananas” by Louis Prima.

All of these music selections are available at the Salt Lake County Library:

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