Fun Properly Done

Christy Anderson believes a birthday party can actually be the best classroom of all.

Last year, she launched “Red Letter Days” an invitation company with a unique focus.


A birthday party is always fun, but it can also be a great teaching tool for kids. helps teach the principles of good manners in the best classroom of all—a party.

Good Manners Made Simple
Good manners are all about making the people around you feel good. And while “etiquette” may sound intimidating to a child, it’s really very simple when you consider that every good manner is based on Please, Thank You, and You’re Welcome. When you apply that to a birthday party, it works like this:


The Invitation says “Please”
As in, “Please come to my party! I’d like you to be a part of the fun.”


A note after the party says “Thank You”
Whether it’s for a nice gift, or just for sharing in the celebration


By helping your child greet every guest, taking photos of individuals, and personalizing your party favors, you let a guest know “You’re Welcome” here. We’re glad you came!

Eti-Kits: Make-It-Yourself Party Kits features “Eti-Kits”—themed party kits that include all the materials you need to make party fun, properly done. The kit comes with pre-printed papers and a CD that allows you to customize your party information with your home computer.

Invitations appeal to kids with details that are as fun to play with as they are to receive:

• Lion opens his mouth to roar out the information

• Dump trucks tips over to reveal party details

• Rocket has a space walker

• Dress up girl comes with “color-it-yourself” makeup

Name tags, also included in an Eti-Kit, are perfect for parties where all the kids don’t know each other. Or, use them to add a personal touch to a goody bag at the end of a party.

Thank you notes let your guests know they were Welcome at the party. Our thank you notes include a space for a snapshot to help personalize the note even more.
Not sure your child can write a thank you note alone? Our Good Manners Guide shares tips for writing the Perfect Thank You Note as well as other simple, yet important manners every host of any age should know.

Themes for Every Person and Place

Eti-Kits come in a variety of themes – even for parties held away from home. (For a hassle-free party venue, choose a place your child loves to go like the zoo, an amusement center, or bowling alley. You can take advantage of party discounts, plus when you’re done, just leave the mess there – not at home!)

• Bounce house invitation includes a bouncy ball

• Bowling invitation features a ball that moves down a lane

Consider throwing an Etiquette Party, too. The Etiquette Eti-Kit teaches the basics of good manners (Please, Thank You, and You’re Welcome) and rewards kids for correctly RSVP-ing.

Good Manners For Life

Teaching basic etiquette doesn’t have to be serious or tedious. But it is an important life skill that’s never too early to learn. When you incorporate that lesson with a party, kids can associate good manners with great fun.


Red Letter Days is a specialty party invitation company—although the concept of invitations alone belies the purpose and focus of our company mission: to teach proper behavior and good manners that make the people around you simply feel good.

Our goal as a company is to deliver through our products the classic fun that belongs with a traditional child’s birthday party, elevate it to engage a child’s imagination, and most importantly, instill the child with a positive sense of etiquette.

Beyond just birthday parties, Red Letter Days helps create celebrations that make hosts burst their buttons and guests chatter on and on about “that incredible party.” Through atypical details, ultimate personalization and an underscoring of etiquette, we make the events more creative, make the guests feel more welcome, and make the host the focal point of the delight that comes from properly done party fun.

Red Letter Days is owned by Christy Anderson, a marketing professional who believes that nothing makes a day better than polite people and a slice of birthday cake. Ms. Anderson has been hosting over-the-top celebrations for her two sons and giddy neighborhood kids for more than 10 years. She has since channeled this passion for zany-yet-politeness-packed celebrations into Red Letter Days which launched in 2007.

Red Letter Days (found at sells uniquely themed thank you notes and celebration invitations. Cards are sold individually as pre-designed sheets with all the materials to “make it yourself.” For party hosts, full “Eti-Kits” include matching party invitations, name or goody bag tags, and (of course) thank you cards with room for a photo. Also included, the Good Manners Guide shares simple, unfussy tips that help prepare for a party, ensure guests have a good time, and make every person glad for coming by receiving a word of thanks.

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