Garden Hose Wreath

A glammed up garden hose makes the perfect crafty tribute to Utah’s dog days of summer.

Kathy Thurgood shares how to make this garden-inspired front door décor.

Items needed:

1. 100 Ft. Hose (any color) for double door . other wise for a single door 50 ft.

2. One Roll of colored burlap 4 in. x 21f. ( I used bright green) used for the bow.

3. Bird nest, eggs

4. Child’s rake or shovel (from the dollar store)

5. Wire and duct tape

6. A variety of silk flowers

7. One pair of garden gloves


Step 1- wind the garden hose loosely into a relaxed loop ( about 4 times around) Make sure that the nozzle part of the hose is seen.

Step 2-Duct tape or wire the hose together, at the top (where the bow will be placed)

Step 3- arrange the flowers where you like them, then duct tape them onto the hose

Step 4- Wire the bow onto the wreath, covering all the duct tape

Step 5- Hot glue the gloves and the nest onto the wreath.

This creates a fun greeting to all coming up to your door!

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