Gardening Trend: Great Groundcovers

Studio 5 Gardening Contributor Darin Engh highlights some of his favorite groundcovers, and some of this season’s top sellers.

let’s build a fall magic carpet: this could be like a small rug or magic carpet out of stepping stones and ajuga plants!!!

The 5 most treadable groundcovers are: irish moss, lysimachia (creeping jenny), woolly thyme, dwarf ajuga, sedum spurium.

Our plant list:

Goldilocks creeping jenny lysimachia: bright lime foliage, trailing, drought tolerant, deer resistant, short perennial

Ajuga black scallop bugleweed: full sun, part shade, perennial, purple blooms late spring to early summer, heat tolerant, drought tolerant, use in landscapes or containers, one of the most treadable of groundcovers where dogs trample the ground.

Ajuga burgundy glow: perennial, full sun, part shade, very treadable, blooms in late spring, extremely beautiful raspberry color in the cool fall weather.

Sedum rupestre Angelina: bright lime foliage perennial, heat tolerant, drought tolerant, turns beautiful red-orange color in fall cool temperatures.

Sedum reflexum blue spruce stonecrop: full sun perennial, drought tolerant, heat tolerant, low-growing blue needle-like foliage with yellow blooms in summer.

Sedum spurium Voodoo: low growing perennial, burgundy color, drought tolerant, heat tolerant.

Thymus Wooly Thyme: low growing perennial forms a cushy carpet of foliage in sunny spots, produces foliage that drapes over rock walls, very treadable, good for rock gardens

Vinca minor Illumination: perennial trailing foliage plant, full sun, drought tolerant, deer resistant, use in landscape or containers, bright yellow and green variagated leaves.

Lamium maculatum White Nancy: showy silver foliage with white flowers, perennial for shade or part shade, grows well in dry shade, use in landscape or containers.

Sagina subulata Irish Moss: perennial for sun or shade, native to Americas, low spreading carpet of green color with tiny white blooms in summer

some groundcovers, such as lamium, benefit from a shearing after they stop blooming to make them flower again later in the season.

For more information on these groundcovers or other plants, contact Darin at Engh Gardens in Sandy or online at

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