Generation Lost in Translation

In the new book “A Generation Lost in Translation” author Danielle Tiano and Contributor Karen Child Ogden hope to help prepare kids for healthy relationships and educate parents about the dangers. They share a few take away lessons for parents.

Do You Know?

• Most of the cell phones you buy for your children have camera and Internet capabilities. Chances are that your child will figure out how to connect to the Internet via their cell phone.

• Today’s teens communicate in an Internet lingo made up of acronyms such as “KPC” (Keep Parents Clueless), “POS” (Parent Over Shoulder), “LMIRL” (Let’s Meet in Real Life), and “ASL” (Age Sex Location).

• Most children who receive electronic sexual solicitations do not tell their parents.

• More than half of all American youth ages 11-17 use online social networking sites.

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Tips for Parents:

• Don’t give in to parental peer pressure. Ask yourself why you are buying your child a cell phone and if the need is worth the risk.

• Be an informed parent! If you choose to buy your child a cell phone, choose a phone designed specifically for children or a basic phone with no Internet or camera capability. Know the phone you are providing your child.

• Set ground rules for your child’s cell phone use. Decide when it is NOT acceptable for your child to be talking or texting on his or her cell phone; and when the phone is to be turned off at the end of each day

• Remind your child that the phone is not theirs, but is yours and you are allowing them to use it. Let them know that you will be checking the phone periodically.

• Talk with your child. Learn about the cell phone habits of today’s children by asking questions. Learn with whom your child is communicating, and what images are sent and received.

• Create a community of support. Talk to other parents to learn about what they are doing to keep their kids safe.

• PREPARE THEM FOR FUTURE RELATIONSHIPS! Encourage them to call or visit a friend instead of texting or using instant messaging. Communicating in real time prepares them for healthy future relationships.

The book “Generation Lost in Translation” deals with the dangers that young girls face today from texting too much and using social networks. It shows the importance of having more face-to- face conversations and living an active life. It tackles the tough issue of the problems in technology.

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