Organization for Teenagers

Marie Ricks has some useful tips on how to keep your teens stress free, and orgaized so they can keep track of those important papers.

1) Supplies.

A) Purchase/find a sturdy plastic filing box (usually between $10-$15).

– Better if hinges have metal pins.

– Better if the handle is not part of lid.

– Better to spend a bit more and get wider box (it won’t tip over as easily).

– Better if lid allows for storage of pens, labels, paper clips, etc.

B) Purchase/gather 20-25 pendaflex file folders. If purchasing, buy bright and happy colors.

C) Purchase/gather about 20-25 manila file folders. If purchasing, buy bright and happy colors.

D) Purchase/gather labels, marking pens (keep in lid of container).

2) Set up.

A) Label pendaflex folders and manila folders according to needs. Duplicate labels for pendaflex and for manila folders (see attached picture).

B) Suggestions:


– Church

– Computer

– Finances

– Friends

– Hobbies

– Job

– Photos

– Play

– Receipts

– School

– Taxes

– Vehicle

– Vital Documents

– Journal

– Warranties

– Passwords

– Blanks (for personalization)

– Pending

3) System.

A) Put papers in “TO FILE” manila folder (which is inside pendaflex “TO FILE” folder) until a good time to file.

B) File papers ASAP so they will be safe and secure from loss, bending, or other ruin.

C) Have papers easily accessible when needed. Pull manila folder out, retrieve papers. When refilling, the alphabetical order is retaining and manila folder is put back in pendaflex folder with same label.

D) Order Organized Teenager’s Filing System at

Labeled file folders in a sturdy container will aid teenagers in easily filing and finding important papers! Help them file papers, keep track of papers, and even retrieve paperwork with confidence. This is a great way to encourage independence and self-sufficiency in maturing young adults!

For more filing folder ideas you can visit Marie Ricks’s website at You can also email Marie if you have questions or comments at

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