Genesys Medical Institute: Breast Augmentation

Dr Kirk Moore is a plastic surgeon with Genesys Medical Institute who has developed a revolutionary breast augmentation technique.

There are three basic misconceptions associated with breast augmentation surgery.

Misconception #1

“Only exotic dancers, movie stars or the rich and vain have breast augmentations.” In fact, over two million women have had breast augmentations in just the last few years.

There were over 360,000 breast augmentation procedures done in 2007 alone, according to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. This number has increased a staggering 476 percent in recent years! – And what’s even more astounding… that number is expected to grow dramatically.

The truth is: The vast majority of women who decide to have this procedure do so because of self-esteem, confidence and aesthetic reasons – not to look like an exotic dancer. They simply want to feel feminine again or for the very first time.

Some women experience breast shrinkage after they’ve lost a noticeable amount of weight or after pregnancy, and go through with the augmentation to retrieve their original breast size and shape.

Other breast augmentation candidates include women whose breasts have developed unevenly and these women desire symmetry.

The prime benefit among these augmentation candidates is that many of them will experience a boost in their self-confidence, a healthier social life, and a sense of self-assurance when they look in the mirror.

It’s interesting to note that all the reasons are valid. However, it’s the unseen, untold benefits that will make up the largest and most positive impacts on your life.

Some of the largest benefits of breast augmentation are not visible at all!

Misconception #2

“I’ll look fake”

This is a common misconception. Yes, there is a very small minority of women who go “over the top” for various reasons. But, you don’t have to look like Dolly Parton to enjoy a “fuller, perkier” you. Put simply, Genesys lets your body decide what is best for you. They are able to achieve this perfectly beautiful you by taking three things into consideration:

1. The width of your breast
2. The cup of your breast
3. The degree of stretch in the tissues

Genesys focuses on “Optimal Size” not “Maximum Size.” That is their starting place. The reason why they take this “one of a kind” approach is because ALL women are uniquely different. For instance, two women wear the same cup size….say 34 B. The “volume” of the breast will be different. This could be from just natural differences, or it could be that one woman has had children and the other has not. Having children can cause sagging and make the breasts appear stretched. Regardless of the “whys,” no two women are the same. Choosing an implant that is too small won’t fill out the breast and will give you a less than desirable look. Filling the tissue with too large of an implant will cause stretching and cannot be reversed without additional surgery.

Here’s the difference – your body has to support these changes over time. Genesys is focused on your overall – long term look, not just for today…but for the rest of your life!

Misconception #3

“Breast augmentation is painful and recovery time takes weeks”

Are you ever in for a very pleasant surprise – Here’s what really happens with the practically pain-free Express Recovery Procedure ©. You can have a New Body in the same amount of time it takes to get your nails done!

For more than a decade, Genesys and its doctors have dedicated themselves to delivering the optimal effect of breast enlargement, with minimal pain, no bruising, No need for prescription pain medication and minimal, if any, downtime. It’s understandable. No one wants to explain why they were off work or couldn’t go shopping or to the gym. Sure, you’ll let your family and friends in on the secret, but you don’t have to.

Many women don’t want the whole world to know. With this technique, no one will even know you’ve had surgery …including you! Because you have taken the time to inform yourself and have read this entire report, we are offering you a very generous opportunity to find out if this is indeed for you. You’ve been thinking about it all this time…

See if breast enlargement is for you and consult with one of the most renowned experts in the country, with privacy and complete confidentiality. Genesys wants every woman who has ever looked into a mirror and felt embarrassed or insecure about her appearance to get the facts first then decide if the procedure is right for her without feeling pressure and financial obligation.

Dr. Moore is expertly trained with more than a decade of astounding results. Dr. Moore is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is an active member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, and The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. His Formal training includes: Master’s Degree in Applied Physiology from Hahnemann, Medical Degree (with Honors) from the University of Miami. He can be reached through the website

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