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Genesys Medical Institute: HCG Diet

Dr. Robert Jones with Genesys Medical Institute talks about what questions you need to ask about your weight problems.

If you’re struggling with you weight and diets don’t seem to work for you, ask yourself these questions:

Do you seem to have an inability to lose weight and keep it of?

Have you tried multiple diet programs with minimal success?

Do you feel like your weight is affecting your personal life and/or relationships?

Do you feel like you are addicted to high-fat/high-sugar foods or feel you just can’t stop eating.

Do you have overweight family members?

Does it seem like you are constantly tired and have no energy?

Do you have cold hands and/or feet?

Do you have difficulty concentrating, have “brain fog” and/or have difficulty remembering things?

Do you have dry skin?

Do you have/or had PMS symptoms?

Do you get very emotional 5-7 days before your period?

Have you had severe menstrual cramps and/or heavy periods?

Do you have anxiety/panic attacks?

Do you have diminished sex drive?

Do you have decreased stamina/endurance?

Are you muscles getting flabby?

If you have these problems, give Genesys Medical Institute a call at (801) 685-2730 or visit them at 8822 So. Redwood Rd., Suite C-111 in West Jordan. Or go online at

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